Professional Services

ConsentEye - Consent management system

As one of the first providers of data privacy compliant Preference & Consent Management Systems our Consulting Services Division works closely with organisations to advise and deliver early stage strategies, architectures and initiatives.

Our highly experienced consultants have worked as marketers and technologist for decades and are well equipped to understand your needs whilst providing the talent and technologies needed to turn your preference management and data privacy compliance projects into real business value.

If it’s general advice on how to market to customers in line with local and international Data Privacy Compliance Regulations or strategic consulting to large-scale deployments use our industry experts to help you achieve your goals.


Consent Systems Consulting Services enables organisations to realise quick returns on investments as our consultants have decades of expertise working with leading companies across numerous marketing and data privacy compliance use cases.


A dedicated Professional Services team will assist customers in a number of ways from API documentation overview for in-house technology teams to end-to-end installs. Every implementation is customised and for customers with complex requirements, we offer a service that covers roll-outs across multiple regions.

Advisory Services

Consent Systems advisory services focus on your business and maximising business outcomes. Our advisory service offerings include:

Preference & Consent Management Review

  • Review of current preference Management strategy including capture points, current processes, data repositories, and data storage and retrieval capability. Baseline identification of preference technologies and integrations
  • Alignment with client's marketing roadmap and personalisation strategy

Preference & Consent Mapping and Design

  • Evaluate current terms of services across all capture points
  • Design consent maps across purpose, attribute groups and consent types

Customer Preference Journey Mapping & Analysis

  • Evaluation of customer preference journeys, including maps of each channel and capture point
  • Recommendations for realising your desired outcomes

Preference & Consent Management Analysis

  • Series of working sessions across groups and comprehensive best practice recommendation report
  • Evaluation of data silos, risk exposure and actionability of profile data

Marketing Technology Architecture and Optimisation

  • In-depth review of marketing stack with a customer-centric view
  • Recommendations for improving your marketing stack's performance

GDPR Readiness Healthcheck

  • General Data Protection Regulation interviews with stakeholder
  • Report highlighting use, location, security and vendor impact of processed personal data

GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment and Readiness Healthcheck

  • General Data Protection Regulation workshop
  • Implementation of best practice for managing and securing customer data