ConsentEye Consent Management Solution

ConsentEye Integrations

Integrate with your existing workflow

ConsentEye's consent management solution integrates into your existing business, marketing and IT tools to manage the entire consent lifecycle, from consent request, collection and update to withdrawal. Displays a complete audit history for each individual to demonstrate accountability with current data privacy regulations. Creating a single source of truth around consent across the organisation.

Integrate with 1,000+ existing apps, including CRMs, email marketing and web platforms.

Integrate & collect consent

Easily collect consent

Using ConsentEye's public API, capture individuals consent via email, mobile, SMS, app & desktop. Each consent item is captured and stored in ConsentEye allowing the organisation to have a clear view of what their data subjects have consented to.

Consent form

Create granular & custom consent

Create consent

Every organisation has different consent needs

ConsentEye recognises that every organisation has different needs for collecting consent from their individuals, so each consent agreement can include as many or as few consents as is required. Each consent is granular so individuals can give or not give consent to separate items. By being more granular this empowers individuals and increases opt-in rates.