The new coffee black - ConsentEye

With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the New Black Coffee Limited Company were confronted with a problem; how to manage their new and existing customers' consent.


The New Black serves 3rd wave artisan coffee through their flagship London gallery and via a network of sleek mobile barista stations, in Grade A prime office locations. The entire company relies upon a cashless e-commerce digital ecosystem through The New Black App which eliminates waiting times, enabling workers to simply click and collect and then enjoy the finest speciality coffee from the world's best roasters. This application records and stores customer data which is now being processed in accordance with the GDPR guidelines, which initially seemed a daunting challenge.


ConsentEye's Cloud Consent Management System offered a quick and easy solution to this new challenge. Enabling them to organise and manage their new existing customer data with confidence and ease. They went from having a data headache to a database of customers that they could communicate with safely and without concern of a fine from the ICO. All with no hassle and a free trial to start off with.