Build your own Preference and Consent Agreements

The ConsentEye Agreement Builder empowers marketers to easily create Customer Preference Forms. The Agreement Builder provides security and governance including role-based access, version control and author creation.

  • Create the agreement for specific preference and consent scenarios
  • Build a preference form repository for future audits
  • Time Stamps are generated and recorded automatically
  • Version Control built-in
  • Set expiry dates for complete control
  • Using our Widgets, one can build and embed agreements within existing applications and websites
  • Multiple device compatibility (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile)
ConsentEye Agreement Builder
Preference & Consent Management Software

Request Customer Preferences from any location

Refresh your existing customer preferences and consents as needed, especially if they don’t meet current data privacy standards. Once a Preference Form has been created and data subjects have been imported into ConsentEye, users can use the consent request feature to build a list of data subjects that can be easily integrated with CRM’s, email and marketing platforms , etc...

Furthermore, ConsentEye provides tagging and attributes that enables users to create preference and consent requests for specific sets of data subjects allowing for more granular and more targeted communications and analysis.

Audit your consent preferences with Preference Consent Receipt

A Preference Consent Receipt keeps evidence of a customer’s current status. In addition, there is a complete audit trail for every transaction and interaction that takes place with the customer.

Using this feature all the collected data subject’s personal information will be recorded in a timeline giving you the assurance and insights of the interactions between your organisation and individuals.

Update Preferences & Consent when you need to

Create, update, renew and delete preferences & consent as required using our easy to use interface.

Consent Recorder
Loading database

Check Preferences and Consent status using Consent Checker

Using the Consent Checker users are able to view the Preference & Consent status across the organisation whether Customers' have responded to a request or whether the response is pending.

As well, the tagging and assigning of attributes to customers enable organisations to accurately view and analyse a specific set of customers' responses to a current request.

And many more features we couldn’t fit on this page but are worth a mention.

  • Webhooks for real-time data updates
  • Role-based access to ConsentEye
  • API documentation
  • Highly secure - hosted in the UK in an industry leading certified tier 4 fully redundant data centre
  • All data encrypted
  • Enterprise scalability - Cutting edge architecture enables scalability on demand 
  • Full incremental backups
  • Customer Success Team
  • Support - UK based, Monday - Friday (8am - 6pm GMT). 24x7x365 available on request