Policy and Notice Management

Track, monitor and update internal/external policies or notices across digital properties from one central location.

ConsentEye - Consent management system

Global data protection legislation has increased the emphasis on internal and external policies such as privacy policies, cookie policies, modern slavery policy, gender pay-gap reporting and HR policies. Internally and externally, data protection notices and policies need to be available on multiple interfaces. 

The differences in languages, specific geographical regulations and multiple technologies has made policy management risky and unscalable for the majority of organisations.

The ability to centrally house, update and version a single policy from a central location, then deploy this to multiple digital properties has become imperative. The ConsentEye solution allows central management of multiple internal and external policies and notices across any digital interface. With full version control and historical data available, ConsentEye Policy and Notice Management means organisations can be easily managed at the click of a button.

ConsentEye - Consent management system

Fully Customised and Responsive designs - The styles will inherit from your current site with no additional styling required. 

ConsentEye - Consent management system
Design, upload & host policies and disclosures

Build custom responsive designs fit for your organisation and centralise the policy repository within ConsentEye.

ConsentEye - Consent management system
Integrate applications & websites

- Generate a single script for all your policies
- Integrate policies into a Content Management System (CMS) or a tag manager
- Deploy policies and notices into mobile applications

ConsentEye - Consent management system
Manage & monitor policy updates & versions

- Use employee roles and access rights which allows the right people to collaborate effectively 
- Full version control for each policy or notice with an audit log of the changes