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ConsentEye is the one place for all of your consent preferences

Including agreement creation, consent requests, the ability to record, check, update and report

Consent Management

Build the consent agreement

to generate the consent receipts

The ConsentEye Agreement Builder enables tight controls over consent creation across the organisation. The Agreement Builder provides security, governance and control, which includes form version, timestamp and an audit trail of amendments including document authors.

  • Customise the agreement for specific consent scenarios
  • Time Stamps are generated and recorded automatically
  • Version Control built-in
  • Audit trail for every update
  • Set expiry dates for complete control
  • Embed agreements within existing applications
  • Multiple device compatibility (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile) 
ConsentEye Agreement Builder
Consent Management Software

Request consent from any location

Check your consent practices and your existing consents. Refresh your consents if they don’t meet GDPR compliance and other privacy standards. Once the Consent Agreement is built it can be integrated with any email marketing system, website or integrated into other applications using our secure API.

Audit your consent preferences with Preference Receipt

Preference receipt keeps evidence and a complete audit trail for every transaction in your centralised consent database. ConsentEye's secure API enables organisations to integrate with existing applications.

Update consent when you need to

Create, update, renew and delete consent preferences as required using our easy to use interface.

Consent recorder
Loading database

Check consent preferences status using Preferences Checker

Use Preference Checker to provide deeper insights into an individual's Preference Receipts. Enable transparency and validation to individuals when changes are required.

Preference Reports and Analytics

The central tool to command and control consent preferences across the organisation

Preference Reports enable total control and transparency providing the consent controller with predefined report templates that are easy to use. These reports give full insight, visibility and control in real-time enabling organisations to leverage value and increase revenue from consenting individuals. 

Real-time insights in all your consent preferences with analytics

Real-time analytics gives you an always-on overview on the state of your consent preferences for day-to-day operations. Display or integrate this dashboard in your workflow for an optimal view on the status of consent.

And many more features we couldn’t fit on this page but are worth a mention.

  • Privacy by design
  • Highly secure - hosted in country in a certified tier 4 fully redundant data centre 
  • All data is encrypted
  • Scalable - grows in line with your needs
  • Microservice architecture
  • Full incremental backups
  • Support - UK based, Monday-Friday (8am - 6pm GMT)
  • 24 hour helpdesk
  • Tiered subscription pricing plans