Enabling organisations to build trust and transparency

in this new era of data privacy

GDPR compliance software

We are setting the standards for the way organisations manage individuals consent

ConsentEye is a Consent Management Software platform that empowers organisations by building trusted and transparent relationships whilst complying with data privacy regulations (GDPR, PECR and UK DPA). 

Our product

ConsentEye grew out of organisations asking for a solution to manage existing consent requirements as a result of rapidly changing data privacy laws. From the outset, we created a cloud application that was simple to use whilst being secure, robust, reliable and scalable.

Our product has evolved rapidly as a result of the valuable feedback from data privacy experts, the Information Commissioner’s Office and our ‘Customer Advisory Board’ that we formed early on. Our product has 6 core elements, each with deep functionality that can meet the complex needs of any organisation - Create, Request, Review, Record, Report and Manage Consent.

Who we are

Creating the standard in Consent Management

Consent Systems is a technology company that was born in an Alice in Wonderland themed office in London. A building that won the ‘Best place to work in London’ award in early 2018. No wonder that we have an incredible team and we have come a long way since our founder dreamed up the idea of a making a tool to help organisations of all sizes comply with onerous Data Privacy regulations.

With many decades of experience in the enterprise software industry and next-generation cloud applications, we’re well placed to provide organisations with a leading-edge solution that meets their unique needs.

Powered by some of the smartest people in the world and driven by passion, intellect and experience, ConsentEye is 100% home grown and therefore not developed overseas, not one bit. Our software craftsmen know every inch of our software which enables us to provide best-in-class support and powerful customisations.

We’re not only enabling trusted personal information exchanges but also helping organisations to develop rewarding relationships with their customers through ethical and transparent services.

Our values are at the core of everything we do

Data privacy and our values

Business Enablers

We are truly passionate about empowering organisations all over the world. We work hard every day to enable organisations to embrace data privacy in the best interests of their employees and individuals so they can reap the rewards in many ways

Simple by design

With so much complexity across IT systems and confusion around the myriad of data privacy regulations like GDPR, UK DPA, PECR, we strive to make our software simple in every way. Easy to set up, easy to use and easy for us to maintain

Customer Centric

Everything we do is focused on our customers from the outset. Our company was formed as a result of what organisations were asking us for. The application has been designed and built in conjunction with associates, customers and data privacy experts, some of which are founding members of our Customer Advisory Board


Technology has liberated us to work and do business anywhere. We can connect with anyone, anytime, all the time. But despite this, the vast amounts of private information being bought and sold behind our backs fuels our passion to help organisations be more transparent and embrace this new era of Data Privacy.


Our goal is to help organisations manage and control all their consent data, protect their brand and increase revenue and avoid costly fines.

That goal is reflected in who we are as a brand - it’s baked into our brand personality which has 4 components:


We are reliable, consistent and dependable


We’re honest about who we are as a brand and proud to pass on this transparency to our customers through ConsentEye


We’re aware of our customer needs


We want to make our contribution to society by helping organisations protect and manage people’s personal data ethically and transparently. We feel very good about that.

“With the proliferation of organisations processing our personal information, there is a huge opportunity to create trusted relationships that didn’t exist before. We help organisations manage the way they control personal employee and individuals data as we enter the Data Privacy era. This shift in attitudes for more transparency will fundamentally change the way organisations interact with their employees and customers.”

- Paul Tarantino, Founder CEO

Paul Tarantino, ConsentEye CEO